22 November 2010

Lack of posts lately...

I am pretty burned out lately with my IT Security class I am in and the fact that rugby is pretty much dead until spring. I am working on a post for Production & Operations Management covering the Transportation Model. I am adding the voice to it now. I'll have a link to that as soon as it is done.

Countdown to the ACC Championships - 22 Nov

After this week, a couple important losses, several more teams found themselves staying home from the ACC Championship game while one team is now solidified their slot into that match.

It's now down to Florida State and North Carolina State. If North Carolina State beats Maryland, then NC State goes to the Championship. Otherwise, Florida State gets to go.

Virginia Tech will be going to the Championship game.

15 November 2010

Countdown to the ACC Championships - 15 Nov

After a few more critical losses this week, a few more teams have closed the door to their season. Here is a summary of who remains left in contention for the championship game.

Boston College, Clemson and Wake Forest are out.

Florida State could make it, but they would have to win their game against Maryland and NC State must lose one of their games between UNC or Maryland.

Maryland can still make it, but they must win both of their games against Florida State and North Carolina State.

North Carolina State could make it, but depending on how Florida and Maryland go makes it difficult to see. If Florida State beats Maryland, then NC State has to win both of their games against UNC and Maryland. If Maryland beats Florida State, then NC State only needs to only beat Maryland to make it to the championship game.

Duke, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Virginia are all staying home.

Miami(FL) can make it to the championships, but they would have to beat Virginia Tech and VT would have to lose to UVA.

Virginia Tech can make it. They only have to win one of their games against either Miami or UVA.

11 November 2010

Veteran's Day

I would like to take this time to not only thank veterans for their service on this Veteran's/Remembrance Day, but I also want to thank the many people are still on active duty and reservists who put up with many hardships and risking their lives so that one day, others may live, free of fear, tyranny and oppression.

08 November 2010

Countdown to ACC Championships - 8 Nov

Well, since the last posting of this was right before the weekend, it was a short trip to me posting the one following the weekend. I think the ACC is definitely showing how bad it can be. Only one team, Virginia Tech, is even rated in the AP Poll.

But we have a new team joining the "stay-at-home" club. That would be UVA with their loss to Duke this weekend.

Boston College and Wake Forest are staying home.

Clemson is a statistical nightmare. They must win against Florida State to even have any hopes. They can lose against Wake, but it will require one of those "perfect storm" situations.

Florida State, Maryland and North Carolina State are running neck and neck.

Duke, Georgia Tech and Virginia are all staying home.

Miami and North Carolina are still in the running, but they still have to win against Virginia Tech to just stay as hopefuls, but Virginia Tech still has a commanding lead which could squash them anyways.

Virginia Tech is in for sure if they win at least 2 of their next 3 games, though depending on how Miami or UNC play, it might actually be easier for Tech to get in to the championship game.

05 November 2010

Countdown to ACC Championships

WIth the ACC Championship football game quickly approaching, several teams have already earned their seats at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the real teams play. There are still quite a few teams vying for slots to go to the championship.

Boston College and Wake Forest are out.

Clemson will have an incredibly hard time, but it is still statistically possible.
There are too many variables, but any loss by Clemson will instantly knock them out. And still, it is possible for them to win their remaining games and still get eliminated by other teams winning their games.

Florida State, Maryland and NC State are pretty neck and neck, but as of right now, NC State has a slight advantage.

Duke and Georgia Tech are out.

Virgina has a snowball's chance in hell. For them to proceed, VT has to lose against Miami, UNC and Virginia... Miami has to lose at least one game between Maryland and Georgia Tech... and UNC has to lose against Florida State, NC State AND Duke. So, yeah... god speed to any UVA fans.

Miami and UNC both have not-unreasonable chances, but it is fairly unlikely since VT has a very large advantage. If Virginia Tech wins against Miami or UNC, that losing team automatically gets knocked out of championship hopes.