19 October 2010

IT Support - Fixing broken links in Outlook messages after uninstalling Chrome

Lately, a few people have been duped into installing Chrome by not unchecking a box when they installed other software. Then, when they uninstall Google Chrome, the yget an error whenever they click on a web link inside an Outlook email and says you don;t have the access to open the link. You are able to copy and paste the link, but you cannot directly open the link.

Uninstalling Chrome is the culprit which breaks this function. To fix this, do the following steps. Backup your registry first if you are concerned about modifying your registry.

Open the Registry Editor (run regedit)

- Find "HKCU\Software\Classes\.html"
- Right-click the (Default) key and choose "Modify"
- Change the value from "ChromeHTML" to "htmlfile"
- Repeat for the keys .htm, .shtml and .shtm if they are present