15 November 2010

Countdown to the ACC Championships - 15 Nov

After a few more critical losses this week, a few more teams have closed the door to their season. Here is a summary of who remains left in contention for the championship game.

Boston College, Clemson and Wake Forest are out.

Florida State could make it, but they would have to win their game against Maryland and NC State must lose one of their games between UNC or Maryland.

Maryland can still make it, but they must win both of their games against Florida State and North Carolina State.

North Carolina State could make it, but depending on how Florida and Maryland go makes it difficult to see. If Florida State beats Maryland, then NC State has to win both of their games against UNC and Maryland. If Maryland beats Florida State, then NC State only needs to only beat Maryland to make it to the championship game.

Duke, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Virginia are all staying home.

Miami(FL) can make it to the championships, but they would have to beat Virginia Tech and VT would have to lose to UVA.

Virginia Tech can make it. They only have to win one of their games against either Miami or UVA.

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