05 November 2010

Countdown to ACC Championships

WIth the ACC Championship football game quickly approaching, several teams have already earned their seats at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the real teams play. There are still quite a few teams vying for slots to go to the championship.

Boston College and Wake Forest are out.

Clemson will have an incredibly hard time, but it is still statistically possible.
There are too many variables, but any loss by Clemson will instantly knock them out. And still, it is possible for them to win their remaining games and still get eliminated by other teams winning their games.

Florida State, Maryland and NC State are pretty neck and neck, but as of right now, NC State has a slight advantage.

Duke and Georgia Tech are out.

Virgina has a snowball's chance in hell. For them to proceed, VT has to lose against Miami, UNC and Virginia... Miami has to lose at least one game between Maryland and Georgia Tech... and UNC has to lose against Florida State, NC State AND Duke. So, yeah... god speed to any UVA fans.

Miami and UNC both have not-unreasonable chances, but it is fairly unlikely since VT has a very large advantage. If Virginia Tech wins against Miami or UNC, that losing team automatically gets knocked out of championship hopes.

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