19 December 2010

Religious anger at DADT

I actually just posted a response on another blog about how religious leaders are incredible upset at the repeal of DADT. They are claiming that gays are an abomination before God and should not serve in our military. Here was my response to the blog post:
As a side note... people who work on the Sabbath are to be stoned. Since our military works on Saturday, shouldn't they all be stoned to death for violating God's law?

The next are Chaplains/Priests/Ministers. No mortal man can know the true will and purposes of God. To claim to know God's will is to be a false prophet. False prophets are to be put to death. So if we are to follow the word of the Bible, should we put this Chaplain to death for both working on the Sabbath AND for being a false prophet?

Plus, the military is full of adulterers. Where is the outrage of that? That is an actual decree in the 10 Commandments. Not just a phrase in some obscure location in the Bible like the part of being gay.

Where is the outrage against killing? That is what the military does. That is another violation of the 10 Commandments. If there are no exceptions allowed for being gay, then why are there exceptions for killing? After all, it does not say Thou Shalt Not Kill Except For When It Suits Your Nation's Interests.

And even the part of the Bible where they always point about the abomination of gay people, they ignore how eating pork is listed in the same section as another violation of God's decree. I kind of remember bacon and sausage being in the chow halls. Where is the outrage over violating this tenet of God's?

All this is is one of the last groups of people that we can justify being discriminatory too. Whether you were Black or Jewish, a woman and currently, gay. Our religion has been used to put them in their place. But as equality grows, these "Gentle people of God"(I love that description), are blowing their fucking tops over the fact that they are losing their privilege to hate someone. They derive their self-worth from the ability to put down another as not worthy and abominable. Now, they have to treat these people as equals and they just cannot fathom it.

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