05 January 2011

A New Year...

Well.. 2011 has rolled around. Not much to say about it outside of trying a few resolutions, which are subject to modification, deletion or addition as the year goes on.

#1. I will get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

This means that on workdays, I must be in bed by 11. I am very bad about this with rolling into bed late, sometimes after midnight. Then I wake up groggy, weary and annoyed. This also has negative impacts on health. So, By getting sleep, I am hoping to make sure I don't get sick and hopefully have some energy to work out once in a while.

#2. I must ensure I take my gout medication every day.

This is very important. I am very bad about doing stuff in a routine. Gout causes a lot of pain when it strikes, and it pretty much hobbles me for a month or two. This means that I can't exercise since any movement of my feet is excruciating and I wind up just sitting or laying down all day. So, if I take my medication for it, I hopefully will not have another attack which should make me a happier person in addition to being able to do things.

#3. Commit myself to losing weight.

Exercise is very difficult. Due to gout attacks tearing up the joints in my feet, walking can be uncomfortable at times, but running is pretty painful. This means that rugby is permanently out for me. I have found I can still participate in hockey since I do not need to be able to run and the tarsal joints don't get flexed. But I am so out of shape right now, I will have to start slow with walking and focusing on dietary changes. Eventually as I start to lose weight, I can consider biking or other low foot-impact exercises.

Currently, my current BMI is 30.6 which is classified as Obese. I want to be at 22.5 by the end of December which is in the upper portion of the Normal category. To achieve this, The quantitative portion of this goal is that I need to lose roughly 0.75 BMI points per month. This should be completely doable since it equates to less than 3 pounds per month.

#4. Start yoga.

I want to get into yoga for multiple reasons. The first is that I need the stress relief. The stress is bad for health and weight. This is especially true since I am a stress eater. But also, with me eventually getting back into hockey, I need the flexibility as a goaltender. I have become so inflexible over the years, it is not even funny.

There we have it. These are my 4 main goals for the year.

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