30 August 2010

No Rugby Pictures This Week

I was planning on taking some pictures of the Blacksburg Rugby friendly match against Huntington and Virginia Tech this weekend. As I was getting ready to go take them, I set my camera back down and decided not to go.

I think I was being bothered that I was not playing. And after numerous gout attacks over the last couple of years, I haven't been able to participate. The more annoying part is that I doubt I will be able to again since even walking can be mildly painful, much less running or scrumming. I think watching everyone else having a good time out there while I am confined to the sidelines is starting to get to me.

I think another reason I am feeling less inclined to take pictures is that I know almost no one on the team now. Since I am not playing, I am not getting to know the new people. Turnover on the team can be high sometimes since we do get a good number of college guys on the team that eventually graduate and move away. So, outside of the team leadership that I do know, no one else out there was familiar to me, and that didn't help with the decision of whether or not to go take pictures.

Maybe I will not be in such a bummed mood for the next home game.

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