23 August 2010

Starcraft II

I just finished Starcraft II: Episode 1 "Wings of Liberty" this last week. Nice game. It plays virtually identical to Starcraft. Some people were disappointed, but why change a winning formula?

I did love that the missions were not "you are base 1 and you need to wipe out base 2" like most Real Time Strategy games. Some people were complaining that they felt cheated that they only get to play the Terran missions. Again, that is a gripe of a few. Starcraft had 9 missions(maybe 10) for each of the 3 races. This one focuses mostly on the Terrans with 26 or 27 missions to tell their story. The other two races will get their turns.

But, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, this was the pre-release trailer for the game.

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