20 August 2010

Rugby in Blacksburg

Believe it or not, rugby is gaining in popularity in the United States. This is evident that the town of Blacksburg, Virginia actually has three teams. Virginia Tech has both a collegiate men's and women's team and there is an adult men's team in Blacksburg itself.

Many people seem to avoid coming out for rugby since they think the rules are too confusing or that they don't have the build for it. I would like to dispel some of these negative reasons for not coming out to play. While at first the rules may seem confusing, it is no more confusing than learning any other new sport. Then, people think that they don't have the right build for the sport. As long as you can run, you can play rugby. You can be tall and thin, short and fast, or even have a stockier build. There are many different positions that have different functions.

The season for Blacksburg Rugby will be starting next week (28 August) with a friendly non-divisional match against Huntington, WV's team. All of Blacksburg's home games are played behind the Kroger on Main Street and they will usually start at noon.

Feel free to come out and watch. The information for the team can be found at http://www.blacksburgrugby.com

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